Tryfon Tobias Pliatsikouris is a classically trained musician, composer and sound artist.

He studied music, sound design and technology in Greece and the United Kingdom. His studies included subjects like piano, guitar, percussion, music composition for film, music and society, sound synthesis, rhythm conversions and programming, analogue and digital audio, music theory and analysis, acoustics and psychoacoustics, MIDI and software sequencing, sound design, 20th century modern music, soundscape composition, minimalism, music for commercials and new media, multimedia applications and music production.

He also studied photography 3 years in New York and attended several photography seminars and workshops in the U.K and Greece.

Tryfon has worked in the music and media industry, such as radio, television, recording studios, gaming industry, for more than 14 years.
He has worked among others as a composer, music producer, live and studio recording artist, commercial editor, radio and Tv producer, director.

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  • Composition
  • Orchestration
  • Sound Design
  • Pre - Post Production
  • 5.1 - 8.1 Mixing
  • Indoor & Outdoor Architectural Acoustic Design
  • Live Sound Engineering & Recording
  • Foley Artistry
  • Sound Art Installations
  • Original Customized Virtual Instruments & Effects
  • Audio Clip Restoration
  • Photography
  • Mix Media Presentations
  • Reverb Simulation
  • Seminars
  • Graphic Design

'Rain' and 'Being A Child' became number 1 in Scotland for several weeks in the Instumental Music Charts. Climbed to number 33 Nationally in the United Kingdom and number 1018 Globally.


Being a Child




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Tryfon Tobias P. studied photography 3 years in New York and attended several photography seminars and workshops in the U.K and Greece.

He has done numerous personal and group photography exhibitions and his work has been featured in many magazines and photography websites.
Tryfon has published many art photography books, calendars and albums.

The 'Echoes Of Exodus' three piece art at the Hellenic Clubhouse in Shanghai, China. (view here)

Tryfon is a member of "Photo Parallel" circle organization of photographers and World Photography Organization (WPO).

PhotoWorld Magazine NY
Official Photographer ID

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Tryfon Tobias Pliatsikouris

TpMediaworks has teamed up with illustrator Konstantinos Pathiakis to create a graphic novel based on Tryfon's short film "Inertial Rain".

"Inertial Rain" is a psychological and political thriller that takes place in the last sanctuary of humankind, the sky cities of Crux.

"After the war there was fire.
From destruction came rebirth.
Then the rain came and so did madness..."

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